DZ-29: Showdowns & Scene Structure

What can fight scenes – whether physical or verbal – teach us about structuring any scene?

In exploring how to write good fight scenes, Stu and Chas compare how writers structure memorable showdowns – both verbal and physical. Fights vs arguments. Swords vs insults. Lightsabres vs passive aggressive subtext. To do this, they analyse the showdowns in EASTERN PROMISES, ROB ROY, THE FORCE AWAKENS (yes, yes, we finally let Stu officially discuss Star Wars), A FEW GOOD MEN, BREAKING BAD and BEFORE SUNSET.

As a result, they discover how larger structural elements like mid-points, reversals and act breaks can play out in making individual scenes compelling and dynamic. Also, they learn that great screenwriters don’t just write “They fight” when writing fight scenes.

In Backmatter, we learn that Quentin Tarantino is a listener!

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