DZ-27: Competing views on Screenplay Competitions

Can screenplay competitions be worth it?

After being repeatedly asked by listeners for thoughts on screenplay competitions, Stu and Chas go full back matter for this special episode. They tackle the question – do comps just feeding the hope machine or are they a valid investment? – in their typical detailed (i.e. long) style. With their differing perspectives, Stu (a director looking for material) and Chas (a writer keen for exposure), talk to an impressive roster of guests. We start with Gordy Hoffman, founder and judge of the Bluecat Screenplay Competition; repeat Austin Film Festival attendees – first for the screenplay and now for the finished web series of EX BEST – Diana Gettinger & Monica Hewes; Launchpad 2014 finalist Tony Pitman; and Insite Competition winner Blake Ashford, whose winning script CUT SNAKE hit cinemas in 2015… ten years after winning the competition.

These short descriptions in no way do justice to these eclectic and talented writers so – if you want to find out more – head to the links below.

Our apologies in advance for the inconsistent sound quality in these interviews. Sadly, that’s the nature of pulling together four different interviews across states, countries, times zones and technological barriers.


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