DZ-13: True That – Tips from Tarantino

What is it about Tarantino’s writing that elevates his work?

Chapter 1: Of Milk and Men

Tarantino is widely heralded as one of the great writer/directors. Yet new writers are advised to avoid emulating Tarantino because his voice is so strong. Only Tarantino can get away with being Tarantino. Or so the theory goes.

But if Tarantino is that good, why shouldn’t we look under the hood and analyse his screenwriting? You don’t have to want to emulate his voice to want to understand why his craft is so good.

Chapter 2: The Bloodied Purpose

To that bloodied end, Chas and Stu look at three scripts from distinct phases of QT’s career: TRUE ROMANCE, KILL BILL (Volume 1), and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Stu and Chas break down QT’s use of structure, detail and – in particular – dramatic irony in an attempt to understand how Tarantino’s films are that good.

 Chapter 3: Epilogue, or, Links To Things We Talk About