DZ-31: Tools for Better Dialogue (mp3): Play in new window | DownloadHow does dialogue serve to reveal character? Chas & Stu are joined once again by the renowned script developer and producer, Stephen Cleary. In the first part of our series on writing better dialogue (there will be more!), we take a close look at how dialogue serves character: […]

DZ-22: Romantic Comedy, Actually Play in new window | DownloadHow can studying RomCom clichés teach us to subvert them? With Stu busy working on Hollywood blockbusters, Chas is joined by Alli Parker (script department on Aussie TV series and former co-ordinator of European #scriptchat) to unpick successful romcoms to see if they can illuminate a path for writers working in this struggling […]

DZ-06: Key Scenes and Unlocking the Story Play in new window | DownloadINT. EPISODE 6 – NIGHT Can one scene be the key to unlocking the whole story? Stu and Chas are joined once again by the inestimable Stephen Cleary to explore his idea of ‘key scenes’. Scenes like the diner scene in HEAT. Or the boardroom showdown in MARGIN CALL. These scenes are […]