DZ-12: Craft, Career and Coffins

It’s the The Podcast You Used To Know…. After a short hiatus, DRAFT ZERO is back!

Well, half of us is…

Chas (sans Stu) is joined by a very special guest – Natasha Pincus. As a screenwriter, Tash’s feature CLIVE was on the 2012 Black List. As a director, her music video for Goyte’s Someone I Used To Know was nominated for an MTV Music Video Award. And at the time of this recording, her debut feature as a screenwriter FELL was weeks away from opening night.

In other words, Tash has great experience behind the keyboard, behind the camera, and – as it turns out – in front of the camera. Experience that she is only happy to share with Chas as they discuss career, craft and process.

Stu wasn’t around to bring up STAR WARS but he feels that linking to The Star Wars I Used To Know parody video will suffice.


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