DZ-95: Backmatter – Building and Maintenance

How do you maintain hope in the face of, er, screenwriting?

Time for our annual backmatter episode, where we drop any ruse of any objectivity, and fully embrace our subjective opinions!

In this episode we discuss: potential topics for 2023; the ostensible shortening of first acts; balancing new projects vs current projects; how to maintain hope in the face of an industry as fickle as ours; and end with a discussion of Andor vs Obi-Wan. Yup, Star Wars is the new Die Hard. Get over it.

SPOILERS ABOUND for Andor and Obi-Wan.

FYI we recorded this episode with both of us in the same room (for a more casual atmosphere )but that means there’s more technical gremlins like crosstalk. Our apologies in advance!

Thanks to Chris Walker for editing this episode. <3 Chris!


  • 00:00:00 – Intro: Backmatter
  • 00:02:44 – Housekeeping
  • 00:05:49 – Future Episode Ideas
  • 00:25:52 – Are first acts getting shorter?
  • 00:40:16 – New projects vs current projects
  • 00:48:59 – Maintaining Hope or Avoiding Despair
  • 00:54:21 – The Big Lessons of 2022
  • 00:55:19 – Andor vs Keobi
  • 01:14:37 – Key Lessons & Wrap Up
  • 01:16:06 – Many thanks


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