DZ-65: Collaborating with a Director – The Snip

This episode, Chas steps down as co-host (kinda) and is interviewed by Stu as a guest, alongside director Ben Mizzi, about the short rom-com that Chas wrote and Ben directed & produced. The episode covers taking an idea from pitch to screen, working with a director, directing performance on the page, and marketing and distribution strategies for short films.

If you are thinking of producing your own content, well worth a listen!

And if you want to watch The Snip – a 16 min rom com about a guy who gets a vasectomy without telling his wife – here it is:

Thanks to Chris Walker for editing this episode.


  • Introduction: The Snip
  • Working With a Director (@ 3:44)
  • How did you go from pitch to script? (@ 13:16)
  • Short films and audience expectations (@ 22:19)
  • What expectations can you have of the end product? (@ 26:41)
  • How do you “direct” performance on the page? (@ 39:05)
  • How do you direct performance from a writer? (@ 46:03)
  • What are some marketing strategies for short films? ( @ 52:28)
  • What is your online release strategy? (@ 58:22)


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