DZ-64: Backmatter – Controlling your Work, Treatments, and Writing Styles

What can and should you do next?

In our annual Backmatter-only episode, Stu and Chas indulge themselves by offering personal opinions on the life and work of emerging screenwriters based on their own personal experience.

To that end, they discuss: what is and is not in your control in relation to an emerging writing career; choosing what project to develop next; using the Black List site to gain traction; the difference between treatments for pitching as opposed to for development; and the difference in writing style when writing on spec as against work for hire.

We also unexpectedly have a guest: David Wappel kindly joins us to share his thoughts on anchoring nouns.


  • Intro
  • What is in your control? (@ 05:27)
  • Choosing what to develop (@ 28:58)
  • Using the Black List site (@ 33:24)
  • Treatments for development vs for pitching (@ 59:47)
  • Writing on spec vs work for hire (@ 01:23:23)
  • Backmatter on backmatter (@ 01:37:37)


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