DZ-17: Where’s my gold-plated ensuite?

When you’re an emerging filmmaker, what are different ways to tackle a “career”?

It’s our Holiday Special! In this episode (recorded December 2014), Chas and Stu break all the rules. No homework. No pages. No empirical analysis. They reluctantly but boldly reflect over the first year of Draft Zero and how it has influenced their ‘careers’ (such as they are). They also engage in a heated debate on whether a short film, a micro-budget feature or web-based content is the best way to go in terms of pushing a filmmaking career forward.

As the 2014 “season” comes to a close, Chas and Stu hold two polls for the listeners:

  1. Should Chas and Stu spruik a favourite crowd-funding campaign run by listeners each episode?
  2. Should Chas and Stu stick to the rules or occasionally set format aside to talk about their personal approaches to career and craft?

Click here to go to our 2-question / 7-second Draft Zero listener survey!

May 2015 be great for all our listeners and may Chas and Stu finally open a door to find a gold-plated ensuite.


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