DZ-81: Pitch Decks & Look Books – Development Tools 4

How do you make effective pitch decks and look books for your projects?

Chas and Stu are joined by writer/director/producer/multi-hyphenate Marc Furmie of Rezistor Studios to talk all things pitch decks and look books. Coming from an advertising and music video background, Marc shares his experience in putting together visual materials to pitch a project. We discuss the difference between pitch decks and lookbooks,  how they help you sell your projects, what buyers are looking for, television vs features, and how do we make yours better?

This is a podcast cutdown of the live stream that was done with Marc. So if you’d like to *see* what we are discussing, including a critique of a listener’s pitch deck, then check out our YouTube recording.

Thanks to Chris Walker for editing this episode.



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