DZ-58: Game of Thrones – Character Exposition

How can you let your characters tell us how they feel?

In watching Season 7 (and the first three episodes of Season 8) of Game of Thrones, Stu noticed that there were lots of scenes where characters either met for the first time or were reunited after a long time apart. In these scenes, the audience knows (or thinks they know) more than either character. And so the fascination, power and subversion comes from what the characters choose to reveal… or not.

And yet… while we thought this episode would be an extension of our previous musings on exposition, in nearly every great scene we assessed, the characters basically said “screw talking about plot or backstory” and instead exposited about their character. How it feels to be them. How they have, or have not, changed. 

And so this episode unexpectedly but rewardingly pivoted to learnings on how to set up and sell character exposition.

As always: SPOILERS ABOUND and all copyright material used under fair use for educational purposes.



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